I need nail polish rehab.

Hi! I'm 21 years old from NJ. I'm an engineering major so to take my mind off the stress and workload I do my nails. There's a lot of stress... so I do my nails a lot. At least that's how I justify it to myself..
Hope you like!

Contact me at: nailpolish.rehab@gmail.com

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Wow, I am in love. Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire.




This polish is only $1.99 and it looked like I had thousands of dollars worth of diamonds on my nails. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but this polish really is beautiful.

It took 4 coats to get to this opacity, but as the bottle says it dries very fast. I used one coat of Seche Vite and that also helped quicken the drying time.

Overall, this polish gives good coverage and isn’t like an ordinary glitter polish that will take you a half hour to remove. I would definitely recommend buying it!

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